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  • Rolls Royce Wraith Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Wraith

  • Rolls Royce Dawn Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Dawn

  • Rolls Royce Ghost Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Ghost

  • Rolls Royce Phantom Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Phantom

  • Rolls Royce Ghost (Black) Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Ghost (Black)

  • Rolls Royce Drophead Car Rental Dubai

    Rolls Royce Drophead

  • Porsche 911 Turbo S Car Rental $sitecountry

    Porsche 911 Turbo S

  • Lamborghini Huracán Spyder Car Rental Dubai

    Lamborghini Huracán

  • Aventador Lamborghini Car Rental Dubai

    Aventador Lamborghini

  • Porsche Panamera Car Rental Dubai

    Porsche Panamera

  • Audi R8 Spyder Car Rental Dubai

    Audi R8 Spyder

  • Lamborghini Murcielago Car Rental Dubai

    Lamborghini Murcielago

  • Ferrari 458 Spider (White) Car Rental Dubai

    Ferrari 458 Spider (White)

  • BMW i8 Car Rental Dubai

    BMW i8

  • Range Rover Vogue Car Rental Dubai

    Range Rover Vogue

  • Range Rover Sport (Black) Car Rental Dubai

    Range Rover Sport (Black)

  • Mercedes G63 Car Rental Dubai

    Mercedes G63

  • BMW M4 Car Rental Dubai

    BMW M4

  • BMW M3 Car Rental Dubai

    BMW M3

  • Mercerdes C63 Car Rental Dubai

    Mercerdes C63

  • VIP Helicopter Car Rental Dubai

    VIP Helicopter


Your Motoring Needs in Dubai
UAE Car Luxury Car Hire welcomes you to Dubai, the pulsing heart of the Middle East. This is the capital of the leading Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A global city with a cosmopolitan soul, rooted in its ancient culture and heritage, we annually welcome visitors from every corner of the world. We have excellent facilities. We offer a standard of living which is difficult to match anywhere. We at UAE Luxury Car Rental can fulfil all your motoring requirements on your visit.

Business Trip Or Vacation?
Whether you’ve come on a business trip or vacation, we understand your motoring needs. We realise your need for premium hospitality and discreet comfort. Our ancient land is beautiful, but we fully realise that the climate may be one to which you are completely unaccustomed. However, in this regard, our company, UAE Luxury Car Hire can assist with your motoring needs. For our honoured guests, comfortable, efficient transport is imperative. Luxury cars with full air-conditioning are an absolute necessity for your transport, as you travel around.

The Next Most Important Decision After Accommodation
During your visit, besides accommodation, your most important decision will be regarding your transport. Among your choices in Dubai luxury car hire, UAE Luxury Car Hire stands tall. A premium car rental Dubai company, we are here to serve you for all your needs regarding transport and Dubai luxury car hire. Sports car hire Dubai is our business. We have every kind of vehicle you may require available with us.

UAE Luxury Car Hire
Having the pleasant comfort of an air-conditioned, luxury car helps you to beat the heat and optimises the enjoyment of your stay. For all your transport needs in the Emirate, you're welcome to contact our company. We can supply all your needs for hired vehicles. Whether you need a luxury car to arrive at a ready to attend a meeting, or whether you require the heady thrill of a sports vehicle, you'll find UAE Luxury Car Hire at your service.

Range of Vehicles
UAE Luxury Car Hire has a fleet of luxury vehicles, featuring the very latest models in an excellent state of maintenance. Our professional and helpful staff is always ready to serve you. Whether you require a car to go sightseeing, or a vehicle for a special occasion like a wedding, you'll find that our company has exactly the right model to fulfil your needs.

Customer Service – Our Core Value
Hospitality is at the heart of our service. Our valued customer is the most honoured guest. Service to our valued customers is our driving force. It empowers us to improve our ability to understand our customers’ needs and meet them at every level.

The Latest Models
Our range of luxury cars includes the latest models of the Rolls Royce, the Range Rover, the Bentley,the Ferrari and Lamborghini car rental. For those who like to travel in style, sports cars are also available. All vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and our staff is waiting for your call.

Transport – A Most Significant Factor
Transport is the second most significant decisions a person cmakes when planning a UAE trip. The first, of course, is accommodation. Accommodation should be air-conditioned and comfortable. But how do you ensure that your travelling arrangements will be just as comfortable as your accommodation? And please remember that air-conditioning in transport is of the utmost importance to our visitor. Those who are not familiar with the intense climate of the city may lose their cool composure when faced with the factors of heat, humidity and being away from home.

Remember UAE Luxury Car Hire!
Our fleet of luxury cars features a wonderful air-conditioning/cooling system which keeps the guest as cool as a cucumber. Please remember that luxury cars are wondeful for giving one a sense of prestige. But the most important feature of the luxury car is the air-conditioning, which protects you against heat, keeping you cool and unruffled. As you travel around the UAE, the luxury car endows you with a sense of privilege and confers a great deal of prestige upon you.

Wedding Car Rental - For Resident & Visitor Alike
Whether you're a visitor to Dubai or a resident of this great city, you're welcome to avail of our Wedding Car Service.

Hired Cars – A Wedding Necessity
This is a time when wedding car hire takes major importance. Cars must be hired to transport whichever side of the wedding party for which the organiser is responsible. Guests will also need comfortable vehicles which can transport them in an effortless manner, so they can arrive fresh, calm and unruffled at the wedding venue. Guests may, from time to time, need to return to their accommodation from the wedding venue to freshen up. This means that hired cars are not a luxury on this occasion. They are a necessity.

UAE Luxury Car Hire – Wedding Car Rental Specialists
You may look no further than UAE Luxury Car Hire to organise your wedding car hire matters. Leave it to us and carry on, tension-free, with the rest of your preparations. This area is our speciality. You can be assured of our keen attention to your party’s needs and our utmost dedication to ensuring that this most memorable family occasion remains tension-free.

Want To Flirt With Danger?
Luxury vehicles can waft you aound like a magic carpet. Sometimes, you can fall asleep in an air-conditioned, luxury car. But do you ever long for something a little more adventurous? Even once in a while? Do you sometimes have a desire to dodge the everyday and pursue delicious danger? While at the same time enjoying superlative safety features and the thrill of feeling as if you know you could be on the edge, yet you are not?. So you’re enjoying the thrill witout the fear! Flirting with danger seems to be a basic, human instinct.

Hire A Sports Car From UAE Luxury Car Hire
A sports car is the ultimate adult toy. The thrill of a lifetime clad in a zippy design. There are some experiences in this world that we should not miss. Riding in a sports car is one of them. The thrill of the wind blowing through your hair as you ride, open-hooded, at top speed. Feels like a scene from your favourite movie, doesn’t it? Sports cars are available to hire at UAE Luxury Car Hire. Our advice? Go for it! Check out that range.....

4x4 Car Rental
Sometimes you need a magic carpet to waft you away to a beautiful place in an atmosphere of total relaxation. And sometimes, you don’t. Sometimes, you need a speedy thrill to take you to the heights of delight, so you can live your life to the maximum level. And sometimes, you don’t. And sometimes, all you want is to feel the solid comfort of a 4x4 jeep around you as you explore the yet unconquered terrain of this earth. Nature hasn’t given up all its secrets yet. Will we ever learn them all? Who knows ?

We Have the Cars in our Fleet
Whatever your motoring needs, UAE Luxury Car Hire has the car to match, among all others in the Dubai luxury car hire business. Although Dubai has a global image as a modern, cosmopolitan city, it is also a fortress which has resisted the ravages of the desert and the onslaught of time. We have urban comforts but are always aware of the ravages of nature on our doorstep, ready to advance as we sleep, blissfully unaware. But we are aware. We can tame nature. Our fleet of 4x4 cars (jeeps) knows how to struggle with nature and win.

Low Cost Car Rental When On A Budget!
If you are looking for car rental on a budget then we have a fleet of low cost vehicle available for hire. We monitor our rates on a weekly basis to bring you low cost car rental across the United Arab Emirates. We have vehicles for every budget and we have German and Japanese make vehicles in our standard fleet.
Please see below some of the images of the vehicles we have available for rental. If you have any further questions about our service or vehicles, please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert car rental specialists.

Discounts We offer discounts for long term car rental so please contact us if you require rental for more than 5 days.

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